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Sex Stories

Dana is Back

Dana's time with Rusty to become the routine. She loved the feel of his large tongue pushes between her lips. When she came home at night, should look forward to her German Shephard burying his nose between her legs. On a few occasions, she had noticed the tip of his...more>>

Junkyard dog

It was during most of the week when my bitch was in heat and crazy trailer to play with the dogs, always being careful not to do to be caught by the dogs that went through my land surrounding his sexual odor walking dogs that are attracting many order of an adventure...more>>

The dog lost the street

Last week I appeared a poodle breed dog all white with traces of a dog to be people who like to care for their pets, because the dogs were behind a bitch in heat he entered the party and lost the way of his home being abandoned in the streets aimlessly or direction. ...more>>

Buck pervert my Siberian husky

I have a Siberian husky dog ​​breed black and white with beautiful blue eyes, a hairy dog ​​around two years old, it goes by the name of Buck, I got him when he was making a visit to my family who love purebred dogs, the dog had data and creates five young bu...more>>