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3 days ago by Heather4591 | All Heather4591's Entries

Ladies, please join me! I want to talk with all you sexy women!

1 weeks ago by iwant2talk30 | All iwant2talk30's Entries

Looking for anyone from central Wisconsin who wants to film me fucking any female animal they have. I've never been recorded but want to. I've had cow and calf pussy and calf blow jobs but want to experience many more different animals so any and all go just as long as there female.

1 weeks ago by Hachiko0013 | All Hachiko0013's Entries

I am looking for someone in the United States, preferably in the New Hope, Philadelphia, Bucks County Area with a male dog ( preferably unfixed ) to give me the sexual experience of being fucked by a dog. Please note I am only looking for sex with a dog; I am happily engaged and do not want to have sexual intercourse with anyone. I just want to finally live my fantasy of having a dog inside me and knotting in me.

Please message me only if you are in the US, have a dog and can possibly meet and make this fantasy true. I will re...more>>

1 weeks ago by open2all1 | All open2all1's Entries

Am I sick because i get turned on by watching animal sex? Am I a product of damaged goodies do to my childhood abuse .Has this played a part of my incest lesbian fantasies ?So many Questions??????????????????

2 weeks ago by snorkie | All snorkie's Entries

Love it kinky nasty messy and hot.

2 weeks ago by filou7 | All filou7's Entries


someone can tell me why my videos et albums had been disabled ???

i can't post my 200 photos & 20 Go of vidéo...

2 weeks ago by nuegen | All nuegen's Entries


3 weeks ago by open2all1 | All open2all1's Entries

I'm new to this turn on I get from watching cat's licking cock and dog's licking pussy I can only imagine what else will come my way

3 weeks ago by PISTONE77 | All PISTONE77's Entries

3 weeks ago by PISTONE77 | All PISTONE77's Entries

My mail;

3 weeks ago by marlon63 | All marlon63's Entries

chętna do krycia potrzebna od zaraz