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1 years ago by cuddly420 | All cuddly420's Entries

need some people to talk to. ^_^

1 years ago by JenniferRowe | All JenniferRowe's Entries

I want a dog cock here now!

1 years ago by angiesentai | All angiesentai's Entries

waiting somebody come to me with her/his big dog,i hope can meet new partner here..for complete my imagination with my other partner

1 years ago by jackibaby | All jackibaby's Entries

I uploaded some new photo albums but their still waiting to be checked by admin hence why they haven't shown up on my profile (i think) :/

1 years ago by spandexlove | All spandexlove's Entries

if u wanna chat im on skype spandexlove1 i like anything tell me what u like me to do

1 years ago by Lylly21 | All Lylly21's Entries


1 years ago by cocacola78 | All cocacola78's Entries

I am horny and i need a german dog.....mmmm

1 years ago by DerRitter | All DerRitter's Entries

As I am not ON here as often anymore, I removed my public avatar ... but might mail one to my friends, on request ;)

1 years ago by tony42 | All tony42's Entries

looking for fun in the uk with young pussy and dogs

1 years ago by Wuffi4711 | All Wuffi4711's Entries

Hallo Ich suche einen Hundebesitzer für K9 raum Wien !!
Würde mich gerne auf Verlangen meines Herrn von einem Hund lecken lassen !!