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2 years ago by robert007 | All robert007's Entries

want to meet up with a female with a dog
so we can have some fun

2 years ago by Kragujevac | All Kragujevac's Entries

Planing to open a small brothel just outside of my hometown in which girls can experience dog sex. Maybe even starting a small porn industry, zoo of course. I am just not sure how to accomplish that, where to find customers, and I am not like 100% determined of doing that. We'll just have to see in time. That put a side, just an ordinary student from Serbia that's sick of everyday life, media, politics, society in some terms, experiments in order to relief himself from everyday life. I am into girls, and besides my kinky side I bel...more>>

2 years ago by joneydept | All joneydept's Entries

i like fucking dogs pussy

2 years ago by theusvos | All theusvos's Entries

Hello there

2 years ago by Luckydogs99 | All Luckydogs99's Entries

Hey I'm Bored. X( I want a horse. :D for the New Year!

2 years ago by mariostang | All mariostang's Entries

Im,new to this site so If some one can befriend me I will really appreciate it lately I being really horny wile I watch dogs and horses fuck in the barn I have being having really hot dreams about me fucking some of our mares but haven't try it in real life

2 years ago by mc3 | All mc3's Entries

lincoln uk lad wants female into beast

2 years ago by fonycisse | All fonycisse's Entries

needs a real man, not a lame dude. guess there are none in this website. tired of men from here not stepping up to the plate.

where are the cute and sexy rich men, who can hop on a plane or private jet?

2 years ago by iloveh2o | All iloveh2o's Entries


2 years ago by libo63 | All libo63's Entries

busco mujeres y hombres que le gusta este tipo de sex en realida

2 years ago by libo63 | All libo63's Entries


2 years ago by diezel111 | All diezel111's Entries

i have 3 album s disabled no idea why so please be patient as i have few more pics to come

2 years ago by GTO1965 | All GTO1965's Entries

All ladies are welcome guys that are into cars you are also welcome