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2 years ago by HotHorseDick4u | All HotHorseDick4u's Entries

i am a 26yr old adult model, in great shape with a ripped body & 9 inches of beautiful uncut dick. I was adopted at birth and am trying to find my biological mother, i fantasize all the time about fucking her, i want to find her and have an loving intimate relationship. Til then i am searching for a woman to play the role. i also crave a daughter to be daddys little girl. i want to meet people like who have the same passion as me. i like girls who are not shy and have no shame and share their darkest secrets and fantasies. I am hop...more>>

2 years ago by evildevil420 | All evildevil420's Entries

any females from houston ?

2 years ago by robert007 | All robert007's Entries

want to meet up with a female with a dog
so we can have some fun

2 years ago by Kragujevac | All Kragujevac's Entries

Planing to open a small brothel just outside of my hometown in which girls can experience dog sex. Maybe even starting a small porn industry, zoo of course. I am just not sure how to accomplish that, where to find customers, and I am not like 100% determined of doing that. We'll just have to see in time. That put a side, just an ordinary student from Serbia that's sick of everyday life, media, politics, society in some terms, experiments in order to relief himself from everyday life. I am into girls, and besides my kinky side I bel...more>>

2 years ago by joneydept | All joneydept's Entries

i like fucking dogs pussy

2 years ago by theusvos | All theusvos's Entries

Hello there

2 years ago by Luckydogs99 | All Luckydogs99's Entries

Hey I'm Bored. X( I want a horse. :D for the New Year!

2 years ago by mariostang | All mariostang's Entries

Im,new to this site so If some one can befriend me I will really appreciate it lately I being really horny wile I watch dogs and horses fuck in the barn I have being having really hot dreams about me fucking some of our mares but haven't try it in real life