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7 months ago by buttwutt | All buttwutt's Entries

Looking for some people to exchange with/skype ;)
Just message me and ask!

7 months ago by k9-newbie | All k9-newbie's Entries

Hallo! :D

Es ist recht langweilig hier im Forum. Liegt vermutlich daran, dass der Admin keine Fotos und Beiträge frei gibt bzw. es Wochen dauert bis dies geschieht. (Admin, benötigst du Hilfe? Hier bin ich!!!) :/

Ich habe mir in den letzten 3-4 Wochen zwei neue Toys gekauft. Einen Tunnel Plug und einen Dildo in Form eines Wolfschwanzes. Ich liebe die beiden Spielsachen! Den Tunnel Plug bekomme ich mittlerweile sehr gut in meinen Arsch. Und Gestern (04.12.2013) schaffte ich es das erste mal mir den "Wolfschwanz" mit ...more>>

7 months ago by electrol | All electrol's Entries

Still looking to meet some local so. cal people. I'll buy the drinks!

7 months ago by KsurnameM-male! | All KsurnameM-male!'s Entries

Finally found some more photos with my avatar :)
No sign of any dogs though :(

7 months ago by KsurnameM-male! | All KsurnameM-male!'s Entries

At last - a few albums at long long last - has life returned just when I thought this place had died the death :)

7 months ago by .,.... | All .,....'s Entries

Thanks to lvk9cpl and his lovely wife for my pic lol

7 months ago by rockwellfuk | All rockwellfuk's Entries

Would love to chat with people from the Pacific Northwest.

7 months ago by mofou61 | All mofou61's Entries

wow love this site......would love to meet someone nearby and have some fun. With dog horse snake and or just chat with some other hormy perves

7 months ago by .,.... | All .,....'s Entries

Feel free to write on my wall of doom hahahaha im kidding but seriously write something :D

8 months ago by easygoing | All easygoing's Entries

New here, but not new to the enjoyment of a beautiful animal.

8 months ago by Morgana69 | All Morgana69's Entries

can't believe no one even my best friends wished me happy birthday :( only 3 randoms and 1 guy i sorta know did

8 months ago by thsones4u | All thsones4u's Entries

In Illinois with 2 dogs...male and female....hit me up if interested.